You play as slime person, called Flicka Rist. You were playing frisbee, but your dog has gone missing! It's up to you to go find him, and be reunited at last with your awesome doggo, Terry.

Originally made for the GMTK Game Jam 2021, but I messed up the upload.

Arrow keys or WASD to move.

T or I to throw.

Made by the Pineapple Crew:

HC1 - Creator, Director, Musician, and SFX Designer

Ethan A. Nunez - Programmer, Character Sprite Artist, Level Designer

Procyon Lotor - Tileset Artist, Musician

Owenentertainment - Tester


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This was a very cute game. The mechanic of using the Frisbee as an extended jump is a very good idea. I felt the air movement was a bit too sensitive so reworking some sorta of ease with the mid air turning could help.   Keep it up!

Thank you! Yeah, I agree the air movement was too sensitive (or at least too harsh on the movement), but I'm glad you enjoyed it despite it's flaws!