BLIND dreams Update!

Heyo! Sorry for the complete radio silence on here! (I should most definitely use this site more often.)

So, what has been going on as of late when it comes to BLIND dreams? And what has been the main cause of the silence for the past months? Well, multiple things have occurred. For starters, we now have a website:! Me and my editor/writer Francis have been working on it for some time, and it should be about complete fairly soon, possibly by late January. Secondly, I've personally been trying to adjust how I work on the game to coincide with my busy schedule as I am on my last year of high school. This year has been messy and I certainly do not have the time I had 2-3 years ago. And thirdly, we've been working on getting a demo out to you all soon! It will be short, but hopefully it will show not only the potential in the game, but what is also to come!

TL;DR: Things are happening!

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