BLIND dreams Reveal Trailer and more...


So, the demo for BLIND dreams will be releasing on the 26th of this month. A bit wild since I've been working on this for virtually 6 years, but hey-- it's almost out. You can check it out here on the 26th:

But, there is a bigger question about the game: What is the future of the game after this demo?

Well, this game will no longer continue development after the demo is released.

I've really run out of drive to work on a project that has been in the works for this long. It has been a stressful and hard 6 years of struggling to develop and work on this game with a team that has had a lot of changes over time-- so, I'd rather just release what we have made so far, and move forward.

I hope when the game is released that you enjoy what we've made.



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