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A surreal RPG Maker game about a colorblind girl, stuck within a dreamlike, colorless world.

You play as a colorblind girl named Alessa, who awakens in a strange, colorless world filled with strange foes and odd figures. Follow her adventure as she tries to find more about the world she is in and possibly more about herself.

In this game, you'll find yourself exploring strange and abandoned areas-- with many secrets to find and story-rich dialogue to read.

A game about a colorblind girl, stuck within a dreamlike, colorless world. Follow her as she meets, befriends, and sometimes quarrels with many interesting, and odd figures, and discovers more about the world she is in.

Release Trailer:

BLIND dreams OST is out now:




BLIND dreams development team:

  • ExorcistGold: Artist
  • Cyber Soulgem: Artist
  • Wood Man: Composer and Sound Designer
  • SilverCricket: Programmer
  • Francis Ramos: Beta Tester, Editor, and Writer
  • Ethan A. Nunez: Developer, Artist, and Writer

Logo by Harun M.
First overworld BGM by Patricia Taxxon.
Plugins by Yanfly, Terrax, and SumRndmDude.


BLIND dreams Demo 1.0.1.zip 317 MB

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