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A game about a colorblind girl, stuck within a dreamlike, colorless world. Follow her as she meets, befriends, and sometimes quarrels with many interesting, and odd figures, and discovers more about the world she is in.

How does the game play?

So far, the game plays similar to a regular RPG, but we are planning on adding stuff like a battle system that engages the player and etc.

What should we expect from this game?

I'm personally planning to do a lot with this game that may push RPG Maker to it's limits, like having a world with multiple NPCs to interact with at once, and battle systems that aren't just reading text on a screen. Along with this, I plan to make an interesting and truly surreal atmosphere that is dreamlike while not being entirely off-putting or overly confusing, with a story that is simple and nice.

Basically, expect some pretty neat things.

Check out the website! https://blinddreams.net

Demo Preview:

BLIND dreams development team:

  • ExorcistGold: Artist
  • Cyber Soulgem: Artist
  • Wood Man: Composer and Sound Designer
  • SilverCricket: Programmer
  • Francis Ramos: Beta Tester, Editor, and Writer
  • Ethan A. Nunez: Developer, Artist, and Writer

Logo by Harun M.
Trailer theme and first overworld BGM by Patricia Taxxon.
Plugins by Yanfly and SumRndmDude.

Development log

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